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Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.


Mal held the sword out firmly, glaring at him down the length of the blade. "Are you in league with her?"

Flip edged a look at the frozen fairy before looking back at the point of her sword, dangerously near his heart. "Me in league with-- you've gotta be kidding me. And be careful with that thing – do you even know how to use it?"

"I knocked out a couple of goblins naked and unarmed," Mal pointed out. "Whose capacity for violence are we really questioning here?"


The correlation between new teacher joining Beacon Hills High and new teacher being elbows-deep in the supernatural wasn't rocking a p value of one, but on a scale of as likely as Allison not having a weapon on her to if you date Derek Hale you're going to die, it was much closer to the latter.

Maybe it was on a probability par to if you date Lydia Martin or Derek Hale, you're most likely going to be a killer of some sort.

And yeah, Scott's been hitting his statistics homework a little hard recently, but only because it turns out having your lacrosse coach as your teacher isn't the free ride to an easy A that most people think. It's actually been interesting to see how probability can affect stock price calculations, but when he voiced that out loud, Stiles spat milk out of his nose and started cackling that Scott had been drinking the Kool-aid.

Anyway, while Scott's vaguely sure that the new science teacher Mr. Joblin is sketchy as hell (because who wears stretchy pants to teach in? seriously?), there's more of a potential mystery going on with the new English teacher Ms. Williams.

More specifically: Stiles' weird-ass reaction to her.

Bonus rec:

For all the writers on my flist (so many awesome writers y'all), Focus At Will. It's awesome - a music player with a 60 minute timer, and you can choose your preferred genre (I'm digging the Ambience one at the moment) and it really helps if you're trying to write for an hour uninterrupted to keep you in the zone. There's even a test mix for ADHD peeps which is interesting - I wrote really quickly to it, but that might be more of a rhythm thing!) Anyway, the cinematic mix is rad, and it works not just for writing, but if you're like me and sometimes waste hella time putting together a playlist to write to, this is quicker and helpful. ♥

(Bonus rec 2: NOWHERE BOYS. [livejournal.com profile] seraphina_snape wrote a great introductory piece about it for Small Fandom Fest. If you liked Sliders, but wanted to find more about the emotional repercussions of what would have happened had they just slid into one dimension and stayed there, or you like boys and demons and supernatural and disparate characters being forced to work together or you're like me and an addict to all the Australian kid shows of the 90s - Mission Top Secret, The Girl From Tomorrow - go give it a go! I've always wanted a live-action series where the characters each represent an elemental power, and this one is great! Bonus tip for watching: It takes a few episodes to get started, but they're only 25 minutes each. And you can watch them while doing other stuff. Normally I rec stuff which needs you to pay attention - like Leverage you can't really look away or you might miss something - but I happily did house chores while watching it and it was perfect. GIve it a go! You can find most of the episodes on YouTube. :D The fandom's currently tiny - but growing - and the characters are literally shippable in all combinations. Especially the boys but there's some het ships which are super cute too if you're into that. I'm kinda into all the boys/inanimate objects ship too which is better than it sounds.)

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