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Hello you!

For 2015 I would very much like to get to know you better. Yes, you, reading this!

One of the best ways I know how to do this is by seeing how and what you create. I feel like when I read or watch something that a creator considers their best work that it says something awesome about the person, often something amazing that's difficult to put into words.

What I would like for you to do is:
Please rec to me in the comments
up to 3 things that
you consider your best work!

(It doesn't have to be the most polished thing, but the thing that you've put the most heart into.) I'm looking for: fanfiction, fanart, fanvids, fan mixes, meta, jokes, rec lists, songs, ANYTHING creative you've done either in the name of fandom or otherwise.

COMMENTS ARE SCREENED, so no one else will see what you're reccing to me!!

What you will get in return:

Sometime in 2015, as early as I can get to each piece, you will get as thoughtful a comment as I can come up with. Please indicate whether you want me to send it as a private message (if you are uncomfortable with praise in public), otherwise I will assume I can leave my feedback where anyone will see. It will be praise because that's how I roll.

For your help, these are the fandoms I am most comfortable in (If I don't know the source of what you rec me, it means I'll probably get to it later than the others so I can at least wikipedia the fandom) right click and open image in new tab to see any of the images more clearly:cut for length & many images )

(Here's the code if you want to do this in your journal!♥)

♥ Note: If you think I've already read it, feel free to either rec it again to ensure I actually do comment to tell you all the amazing things about it, or rec your personally-next-best thing. Also I say "3" but who can narrow these things down; if you can't, don't. ♥

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