mizzy: (Teen Wolf: Alison (yellow))
Addy ([personal profile] mizzy) wrote2014-02-16 12:21 pm

Sunday Six Sentences

Each Sunday, post six sentences from a writing project -- published, submitted, in progress, for your cat -- whatever.


"It's amazing what little power we have as teachers." Mr. Murphy sat down on the edge of his desk and looked at them all, a much more solemn expression on his face. "There's nothing I could do to stop those boys doing what they were doing -- their father owns half the town, I'd lose my job. But if it were other kids stopping him..."

"So you kept giving us DTs just to make sure we had uninterrupted planning time," Chase realised.

Mr. Murphy shrugged. "It's nothing you could ever prove."


Stiles instantly drags Scott out in the dark to try and find it first. They live in England, so of course it's raining. Scott trudges along the pavement, getting his trainers muddy before they've even left the estate.

"Bloody hate the rain," Scott whines. "Couldn't we have driven?"

Stiles gives him a sad, soggy look. "We're sixteen, moron - we can't drive."

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