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Currently slightly out-of-date. Please find most recent fic here, really. Leverage Fic

LJ Link/titleGenreWordcount (approx.)RatingCharacter/PairingSummary
Nothin' But A Numbers GameDark, Angst3900RNate/EliotThis first one, he's a weedy shmuck in his late forties, skin taught and peeling. Eliot comes up from behind him, just enough in sight for the guy to see Eliot's eyes in the reflection of his window, and then Eliot snaps the guy's neck.
Leverageland ChallengeficVarious~5000PG-13VariousVarious Leverageland fic challenges.
Gaze In Your Mirror (And See Yourself) (Once Upon a Time crossover)Crossover with Once Upon A Time3900PG-13Eliot Spencer/Emma SwanEliot gets a call out of the blue from an ex-flame, bounty hunter Emma Swan.
Rockband!AUEpistolary~1000PG-13Nate/SophieLeverage lose their lead singer, and find one in the form of IYS' disgraced fallen front man, Nathan Ford. A story told in found social media fragments.
The Impromptu Perverted Tale of Nate and his ScarfCrack1000RNate/ScarfAn impromptu piece of fic about Nate and his scarf love.
Some Assembly Required (Avengers crossover)Crack3300RAll the Leverage crew, all the movieverse Avengers.The Avengers walk into a bar. John McRory's Bar.
The Killing Room: Revisited (The Killing Room crossover.)Crossover/Angst2400PG-13Nate, GenCrawford Haines didn't escape the Killing Room. They let him go. Now they want him back.
Unspeakable (Harry Potter crossover)Crossover/Angst4000PGPercy Weasley, Nate, Eliot, SophieAU. Crossover with Harry Potter. Sophie and Eliot will do their upmost to hide from Nate that there's magic in the world. They've got his back. But when the magic can't be hidden any more, the truth that comes out is... unspeakable.
The Tower of Babble or, The Eliot Spencer Will Never Drink Again In His Life Job.Crack Romance29000RNate/Eliot, Eliot/MoreauEliot Spencer should have learned never to drink again after the incident at the Fresher’s Fair with the giant bunny and the empty beer keg. He never learned this vital life lesson, so life has decided to teach him the lesson directly – with Nate’s unavailable unbelievably hot arse, Hardison’s smart phone, and Moreau’s dirty smirk (and dirtier intentions) providing Eliot’s brain with possibly insurmountable obstacles.
But with his crazy-ass housemates Sophie and Parker, Nate’s past, and Eliot’s insane addiction to Poptarts joining the fray, Eliot may just have a chance of coming out of this with his sanity intact.
(His dignity, FYI, a lost cause forever.)
The Great Muppet-Angel-Leverage CaperCrossover with Angel and The Muppets2500PGTeam, Puppet Angel, The MuppetsThis story starts, as many of the greatest stories in history do, with a talking frog.
and it came to me then (that every plan is a tiny prayer to Father Time)Hurt/Comfort1469PGParker/HardisonPrompt from [livejournal.com profile] mystizan for the [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo square gunshot wounds: Parker/Hardison. He sat by her bed, willing her to wake up, to be ok.
The Big Top JobCircus!Fic.5400PG-13Sophie/Nate, TeamThere's one place that Nate hates more than hospitals, but when an old friend calls in a favour, that's where the Leverage crew need to go—to the circus. With bad guys taking the circus performers hostage, the FBI due on the scene, and a crowd full of people to protect, the Leverage team have only option...
...they have to steal the show.
The Topkapi JobCase!Fic14300PG-13GenCase!fic. Gen. It's no secret that Nate enjoys the complicated heists, giving him an excuse to stretch his brain and his crew, but complicated would be pushing it to describe their latest job...
Want/NeedAngst/Romance1500PGEliot/Sophie, Nate/SophieEliot's tired of Sophie using NLP on him to get him to do things for her. But the problem is, she isn't.
The Drop Spot JobCase!Fic8700PGEliot, Parker/HardisonRats cause the crew to flee their headquarters, little do they know the biggest rat of them all is on the loose and hunting them down...
The Old Sins JobCase!Fic16600PGSophie-centric, Sophie/NateAn old colleague of Nate's is in need of assistance, but will the past interfere?
Different Road//Same DestinationAlternate Universe3500PGNatePrison!AU. Another day, another bar. But this day, and this bar, should have led Nathan Ford on a different path. 
The Secret Relationship JobCrack4100RNate/SophieSophie/Nate, Comedy. After San Lorenzo, Sophie and Nate keep their relationship secret from the geniuses in their lives. Who also can be idiots on occasion. But really in the end they’re quite clever. No, really. Oh, and Nate and Sophie accidentally get married.
Notes on Nate's FridgeCrack250GTeam ficHardison's haikus, Sophie's shoes, Parker's peppiness, Eliot's Embarrassing-Red-Bull-Addiction, Nate's nihilism... The team is bonkers. As is plainly evidenced by Nate's fridge.
Notes on Nate's Fridge 2: Horsing AroundCrack250GTeam ficThere's a horse in the kitchen. But horses do not get in the way of con artists with sharpies, determined to keep winding Nate up.
50 Times Eliot Got WhumpedCrack1500PGEliotSee title.
JerkAngst/Romance1500PGNate/Sophie, Sophie/JackSophie's boyfriend Jack shows up again, with big news: he wants her back. Nate could be such a jerk about it...
The OT3 JobRomance/Fan mix2500PG-13Parker/Hardison/EliotSeven Songs. Six Realities where Parker, Hardison and Eliot are - or fall - in love.
The Bottleneck JobPorn With Plot9300NC-17Nate/EliotA madman with a crossbow forces a whumped Nate and a desperate Eliot into a bottleneck, with little chance of survival.
100 Drabbles (1st 50)Mixed5000PG-13VariousFirst 50 drabbles for Leverageland: one word prompts.
100 Drabbles (2nd 50 - ship bingo)Mixed5000RVariousSecond 50 drabbles: ship bingo. Some could be triggery. All types of pairings explored.
The Phoenix JobPre-Series880PGNate/MaggieNate/Maggie. There are 5 stages of grief...
On The Edge of an Answer (Beginnings are made)Pre-Series/Song!fic2500PGNate/Maggie, Nate/SophieNate: Then, 2 years later, I caught up with you in Damascus... caught you, I should say. You turned around, introduced yourself and that's when I met Sophie Devereaux. It'll be 8 years next month.
Politically ParkerCrack? Joke? IDEK.660RParker, Nate/SophieRe-telling of my favourite joke, using Parker. :)

Inception Fic

LJ Link/TitleGenreWordcount (approx.)RatingCharacter/PairingSummary
death from overthinking things*CRACK2100PG-13Arthur/Eames, COOBAfter the Fischer job, Arthur disappears. Cobb goes looking for him. He has problems.
take heart, sweetheart (or I will take it from you)Crack/shmoop15000PG-13Eames/ArthurEames/Arthur. Arthur's tired of bailing Eames out from jail, but he keeps coming back and he has no idea why. Eames thinks Arthur doesn't trust him. It's a litany of misunderstandings... but maybe understanding will come eventually. For my [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo square Trust issues.
 a song with no shame (for lack of imagination)Angst/Non-linear6000REames/ArthurArthur and Eames are a song, and Arthur hates music.
there's a thing between usCrack/shmoop4000PG-13Eames/Arthur"The world is coming to an end, or they're trapped in a dream—there's no other explanation as to why Arthur would be packing up to go home before everyone else. Except reality's much crueller than Eames' brain imagines: Arthur's going to his cousin's wedding. Oh, and Eames is his plus one."

Avengers Fic

LJ Link/TitleGenre/UniverseWordcount (approx.)RatingCharacter/PairingSummary
pre-emptive strikeRomance/Iron Man 2 (2010)1200PGTony/Pepper Pepper makes a mistake. Pepper *never* makes mistakes.
I said oh is that your first impression (and is that good enough for you)Pre-slash/Avengers (2012)1400PG-13Steve/TonyMovie-verse. Being first doesn't necessarily mean you're the best.

Misc Fic

LJ Link/TitleFandomWordcount (approx.)RatingCharacter/PairingGenre/Summary
Crossed SignalsSherlock (BBC)980PGSherlock, JohnJohn's still panting when Sherlock makes a move to leave the small alley they found to hide in.
Writing Your Own FutureMerlin (BBC)2200PG-13Merlin/Arthur, MorganaThe future is hidden to Merlin, all but this moment—on a battlefield, with Knights dying around him, with him stretching his hand to an injured Morgana. Merlin's stolen this moment from Morgana's prophecies. Does it have to happen like he saw it?
Of Shoes and Ships and Sealing Wax. And Cabbages. And Kings. Also, Dinosaurs.Syfy's Alice/Primeval16000PGHatter/AliceAlice and Hatter teamed up to fight the Suits, but an accident in the ensuing battle left Hatter in our world with the Stone of Wonderland, and Alice trapped in Wonderland. Hatter finds these strange anomalies in our world which at the moment lets dinosaurs through from the past, and he realises he can use these anomalies to try and get back to Wonderland. All he has to do is go undercover, pretend to be someone else, and fight a ton of prehistoric dinosaurs. It's all for the love of a pretty girl he once met in a wet dress, but Hatter figures... he once fought a Jabberwocky. How hard could dinosaurs be?
Suspended (just waiting for a line)Once Upon a Time3000PGGen, Emma and HenryHenry has a character in mind to bring one step closer to their happy ending. Emma helps him, because she's still trying to figure this fairytale business out for herself.
if you fall (I fall harder)"Warehouse 131300PGGenCharacter study. When Myka falls, she falls hard.
positive (that we've taken this too far)Angel: The Series877PG-13Angel/CordeliaPrompt from [livejournal.com profile] mystizan for the [livejournal.com profile] hc_bingo square unexpected pregnancy: Cordy/Angel She stood in their bathroom, staring in disbelief at the pregnancy test. But... can vampires make girls pregnant?
My Persuasion Can Build A NationHarry Potter1800PG-13Hermione/RonHermione once tried to persuade her parents to cancel her birthday.
One by OneSherlock (BBC)967PGSherlock/John"Breathing is NOT boring, Sherlock realizes as he watches John sleep fitfully under the BiPAP. aftermath of the Pool incident. "
OmegaSupernatural/Dollhouse1250PGSam, Dean, Topher, CastielA post-S6 reaction fic for fictionalfemme.

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