Nov. 18th, 2014

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Snagged from [ profile] sa_brina86:

Pick a date in December and give me something to talk about. Give me a question or topic-- absolutely anything fannish goes: TV, movies, books, comics, fandom, ships, fictional characters, actors, writing, arting, whatever strikes your fancy!

Dec 1: "Tell me about your favorite women of TW. ;) And why you love them." ([ profile] sa_brina86)
Dec 2: "Your favourite Haley Webb stuff" ([ profile] sa_brina86)
Dec 3: "Your favorite thing about landcomms?" [ profile] azurelunatic
Dec 4: "What fandom do you think you'll never stop loving?" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 5: "What are your top 5 Leverage episodes of all time and why?" [ profile] ultra_fic
Dec 6: "Which fandom or character has pushed you as a writer and what fic can you most in your opinion see your progression as a writer?" [ profile] meghan_84
Dec 7: "Did you ever start to dislike a ship/character/show because of outside circumstances? E.g. the fans are too weird, or the actor/actress shows asshole-ish behaviour?" [ profile] elebridith
Dec 8: "Did you ever start to love a ship/character before you even started watching a show/saw the movie, because of outside circumstances?" [ profile] elebridith
Dec 9: "which one of your current unfinished fics do you want to finish the most?" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 10: "Are there any fandoms you aren't in but think look really fun anyway?" [ profile] theron09
Dec 11: "If you could have any fictional character show up at your door to take you on a date, who would it be (and why) and where would you go (and why)?" [ profile] ultra_fic
Dec 12: "What are your current goal dragons for FlightRising and how far away are you from achieving them?" [ profile] sashimitales
Dec 13: "Do you have a favourite actor/actress? (Why are they your favourite?)" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 14: "Has your Faith influenced your work as a fanfiction writer? If so, in which way? (Religion is mostly not a big fan of homosexuality for example)" [ profile] ghoulfang
Dec 15: "If you had to watch your two favourite ships tag team wrestling, who would they be? And would you be standing at the side to cheer them on, or oiling them ready for the ring?" [ profile] being_here
Dec 16: "What is your favourite trope to write and to read? And does it differ from fandom to fandom?" [ profile] being_here
Dec 17: "Give me your Braeden headcanon - how did she get into hunting?" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 18: "I want to know what shapes or gives birth to your creativity. I've seen you make countless really fun &/or amazing things for LL challenges & I always wonder where you get your ideas from." [ profile] mystizan
Dec 19: "Is there one book or film that you think everybody should read/see, and if so, why?" [ profile] ultra_fic
Dec 20: "Tell us about your favorite fandom-related possession." [ profile] sashimitales
Dec 21: "Is there a show/movie/fandom you expected to like and then didn't?" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 22: "If you had to chose one TV-show, which would run for the rest of your life, whilst every other show would be cancelled by tomorrow, which show would you pick?" [ profile] ghoulfang
Dec 23: "What makes you love Shelley Hannig/Malia so much? Tell me your favorite things about them (actress and character)!" [ profile] sa_brina86
Dec 24: "Is there a movie or a book you were disappointed that you have read or watched it?" [ profile] mariella1983
Dec 25: "Derek's birthday is today. Grant him one birthday wish." [ profile] lightning_skies
Dec 26: "Speaking of 'unpopular opinion', do you have any (that you think are unpopular in your fandoms, like in TW)? If so, share!" [ profile] sa_brina86
Dec 27:
Dec 28: "If you were to write a season for Teen Wolf, what would happen (aka, which characters would be in/who'd you bring back, what's your plot etc)" [ profile] sa_brina86
Dec 29: "What are your favourite fics? Ideally one per fandom." [ profile] being_here
Dec 30: "Do you listen to a specific type of music when you write? If so, what and why?" [ profile] seraphina_snape
Dec 31:

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